What makes Liftoff’s ML different?

Machine Learning is the algorithm that powers programmatic advertising; It makes ad buying decisions in real-time and at scale.
But Machine Learning is only as good as the data you feed it. If you feed it biased data, Machine Learning will be ineffective.
So what makes data biased?
Biased data is incomplete. It doesn’t take all the users into consideration. It’s fraudulent. It doesn’t differentiate real users from fake users.
And, it’s inaccurate. It doesn’t distinguish intentional clicks from accidental clicks.
Biased Machine Learning cannot scale performance. This is where Liftoff’s Machine Learning can help.
Liftoff’s Machine Learning has powerful built-in tools to train on comprehensive, clean, and accurate data.
Liftoff’s Machine Learning uses: Smart Pacer to pace spend optimally across all inventory and all users; Fraud Check to filter out fraudulent traffic; and Dead Zones to block accidental clicks.
By training on unbiased data, Liftoff’s Machine Learning is able to scale your performance long term.
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