In-App Bidding

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Make your ads work harder

Drive up eCPMs by allowing more advertisers to compete for your inventory, saving
you valuable time and resources and increasing average revenue.

Contact your account manager or get started with Monetize to unlock these cutting-edge benefits
for your ads today.

Access the industry’s top bidders in our unified auction to make the most money from every ad impression.


Eliminate manual waterfall management and spend more time exploring new growth opportunities.


Show higher quality ads faster while creating seamless ad experiences for your users.


To enable in-app bidding:

1. Log in to your Liftoff account

2. Select your app

3. Click Add Placement

4. Fill in the required information

5. Toggle the In-App Bidding button in the Monetization section of your placement

6. Click on Continue to complete your placement creation


You can also jump directly to the Placements page and edit already created placements.


Ready to make more money for your inventory with In-App Bidding?