Liftoff Rebrand


By Dennis Mink | October 18, 2022

When Liftoff started ten years ago, we had one product, a scrappy team of engineers, and worked solely with non-gaming app marketers. Fast-forward to 2022, our company has nearly one thousand employees across the globe and a suite of products focused on helping customers in every industry accelerate growth and increase revenue. So today, we are excited to unveil a rejuvenated brand identity and website rooted in our heritage, infused with the DNA of both Liftoff and Vungle, and made real by our people. The new brand is a representation of who we’ve become in the last decade, our renewed energy, and our enthusiasm for the future. Now, we are truly one Liftoff.

A Refreshed Liftoff Logo

Our branding journey began with a refreshed logo and wordmark, representing the first change we’ve ever made to our beloved rocket and font. Our goal was to maintain the brand equity that we’ve built up over the years, but also reflect the massive progress we’ve made. Designed 100% in-house, these updates make our visual brand more modern and approachable.

A Persona-Driven Website

When we decided to redesign the website, our overarching goal was to unite the Liftoff and Vungle brands into a strong, creative, unified identity. Equally important was to make it easy to educate the industry on the range of services we offer as a unified organization.

To accomplish this, we created a persona-driven experience that allows visitors to quickly access what is most relevant to them, based on who they are. Starting at the homepage, a user can self-identify as a marketer (advertiser), publisher, agency, DSP or game developer. From there, they can immediately get access to the most relevant products, services, and educational resources.

New Product Names

Finally, we’ve spent time exploring ways to harmonize the services we offer and landed on a master brand architecture.

The results are a range of services under the Liftoff brand name:

  • Liftoff Accelerate (DSP, Programmatic)
  • Liftoff Direct (powered by Vungle)
  • Liftoff Monetize (powered by Vungle)
  • Liftoff Intelligence (powered by GameRefinery)
  • Liftoff Influence (powered by The Plug)
  • Vungle Exchange (VX)

Liftoff now offers a cohesive set of services under a single brand with a unified marketing and product experience, making it easier for our customers to tap into the services most relevant to their needs.

A Collaborative Effort

The effort to unify Liftoff, Vungle and the other businesses in our portfolio into a single brand was truly a collaborative effort across many teams. And though the road wasn’t always a straight time, the result of this effort is an identity that truly captures the spirit and DNA of our unified organization. Thank you to everyone for your help. And congratulations to the entire team on an exciting launch!