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NEW! 2019 Mobile Ad Creative Index

By Anya Pratskevich | January 25, 2019

Last year was a challenge for mobile marketers. Though more people now own a smartphone, have access to more apps and spend a quarter of their waking hours on mobile screens, marketers still struggle with capturing people’s attention with compelling ad creative. The 2019 Mobile Ad Creative Index benchmarks ad creative performance and reveals insights into how to design and optimize mobile ads for maximum impact.


The report draws from the largest data set we have analyzed to date: over 273 billion ad impressions, 4.5 billion clicks, 53 million installs and 22 million post-install events in over 1,200 apps. The data is broken down by month and OS to compare costs and engagement over time on iOS and Android.

Ad Creative Index

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Are Video Ads More Hype Than Substance?

The report reveals how different ad formats perform at various stages of the user journey: from the very top of the user acquisition funnel to deeper-funnel metrics such as cost per action. For example, you will find that video ads outperform other ad formats based on impression-to-install rates alone, but pale in comparison when it comes to in-app actions.

Which Ad Format Works Best for Scaling UA?

The Ad Creative Index unveils which ad format offers the best cost/performance ratio — and how it varies by platform (iOS and Android). The data will help you identify the best format for scaling aggressively in Android-heavy, emerging markets — or capturing the attention of high spenders on iOS.

How to Allocate Ad Spend Throughout the Year

Consumer behavior tends to shift throughout the year. Adjusting ad spend accordingly can help you make a greater impact. The report covers seasonal trends to inform your strategy in media buying around important dates — like Valentine’s Day and back-to-school campaigns.

As the competition for people’s attention heightens, knowing how to best leverage each ad format will be key to high performance on mobile. For more insights and 2019 ad creative benchmarks, download the full report.