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Liftoff Recognized as Top Media Source on 2021 Singular ROI Index

By Morgan Friberg | February 9, 2021

Liftoff has once again ranked as a top media source in numerous categories in Singular’s 2021 Top Mobile Media Sources ROI Index. 

The 2021 Singular ROI Index ranks the top-performing ad networks on iOS and Android by 30-day ROI, leveraging the largest set of cost, revenue, and fraud data in the industry. For this year’s edition, the Singular ROI Index analyzed nearly $10 billion in ad spend data from 3 billion app installs and welcomed ten new players since last year’s index. 

36 different ad networks, platforms, and mobile marketing players achieved at least one mention in the 2021 Singular ROI Index. On 27 total lists, there are a total of 323 potential ranking positions. With that, Liftoff had 14 top list rankings:


  • Global: Overall iOS
  • Global: Overall Android
  • Global: Gaming iOS
  • Global: Gaming Android
  • Global: Non-Gaming iOS
  • Global: Non-Gaming Android
  • Regional: North America – iOS
  • Regional: North America – Android
  • Regional: EMEA – iOS
  • Regional: EMEA – Android
  • Regional: APAC – iOS
  • Regional: APAC – Android


  • Global: Non-Gaming iOS
  • Global: Non-Gaming Android

When ranking companies, Singular took into account: 

  • Spend: must be above a specified minimum
  • Fraud rate: must be below a maximum; will be penalized according to their actual
  • Reach: must be used by a significant number of Singular clients
  • CTI: must have a low to moderate click-to-install ratio
  • ROI (return on investment): calculated by in-app spend from acquired users
  • Retention: percentage of users who remain active 30 days after install

Singular is a unified SaaS marketing analytics solution connecting attribution data with campaign data in a single platform. To download the full 2021 Singular ROI Index, head over here.

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