Liftoff Employee Spotlight: Robert Saunders, Solutions Engineer

By Nadia Alaee | August 15, 2019

What is your role at Liftoff?

Solutions Engineer – a mixed role with more customer and partner interaction than a typical Software Engineer.

What was your first ever job?

Pizza Hut Chef! I’m basically a pizza connoisseur. I’m not a fan of New York pizza. California pizza is the way to go.

Why did you decide to become a Solutions Engineer?

Through working as a consultant and as the only engineer at non-technical companies, I learned that I thrive in roles more balanced between human interaction and coding. I personally feel much more motivated to solve problems when I’ve had personal interaction with the stakeholders.

What drew you to Liftoff originally?

I found Liftoff through Code Fights and thoroughly enjoyed the interview process.

What have you learned since working at Liftoff?

All about Ad Tech! It’s like an onion, there are so many different layers and levels and it’s exciting to keep learning. I have also improved my technical communication skills and ability to work with big data.

Favorite Liftoff event?

Our annual Anniversary Picnic and Halloween events. I really enjoy all the events that I can bring my family to.

What advice would you give to all future Liftoff new hires?

Take advantage of all the resources Liftoff offers, learn from buddies and mentors, and always ask questions.

What is a fun fact about you that no one in the office would know about?

 I was the drummer in a Reggae Funk Hip Hop band. 

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