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Mobile Campaign Analytics

Gain insights into your mobile app marketing performance with Accelerate analytics
dashboard. Track your ad spend, impressions, click-through rate, installs, post-install
conversions, and more.

Access your campaign data in real-time

Monitor performance and improve decision-making to address your marketing needs.

Deliver on your marketing goals

Track where your ad spend is going and which ad inventory and user segments work best.

Track your post-install conversions

Our automated tools let you focus on your most important success drivers, like engagement and revenue.

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Run your mobile marketing campaigns with confidence

Generate snapshots of your campaign, from ad spend through the entire funnel.

Analyze your campaign spending, CPI, CPA, and conversion rates over time. Easily export the raw data to a CSV file or use our reporting API for further analysis.

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Measure impact with advanced analytics

Analyze campaign performance by app category, ad format, device information and demographic data.

View your campaign stats, including installs, CPI, and CPA across different app categories.

Understand which ad formats convert best for your specified post-install event, then compare acquisition costs and conversions by gender.

Dive deeper into your ad creative performance

View your ads in any format then analyze their routine and share the insights with your team.

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Preview ad creatives and filter by campaign and creative format

Preview your ad creatives, filter them by campaign and creative format, then export and analyze the data, including impressions, clicks, installs, CPI, geo, and more.

Want to go deeper? Use our reporting API for further analysis.

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Monitor and measure your campaigns over time

We make it easy to explore historical campaign performance by giving you the power to filter by date range.

Analyze weekly trends for campaigns with more than two weeks of data to understand the impact holidays and weekends have on them.

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Analyze trends with cohort analysis and reporting

View average conversion times for any event and track your most critical metrics over time.

Get the insights you need to understand the full-funnel impact by measuring ROAS, CPA, in-app revenue and more, then use them to identify the optimal attribution windows for your campaigns.

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“The Accelerate team are professionals. They understand how to acquire high-quality users and analyze their performance. Weekly calls with Accelerate help us evaluate campaign data and give us the chance to exchange thoughts and feedback.”

Elena Vinokurova · Marketing Manager, MyTona

Expert insights and industry trends from the Accelerate team

Download our latest reports to gain insights into recent user acquisition trends and benchmarks across many mobile app categories.

We also provide mobile app-related guides and category-specific research with campaign performance benchmarks to help guide your app marketing strategy and spend.

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