Boost Your Mobile Return On Ad Spend

With ad campaigns optimized to drive post-install conversions, Liftoff ensures you get the best return on your ad spend.

Grow Mobile Engagement and Conversions

With Liftoff, our focus is on helping you acquire mobile users who actively engage and spend in your app – no matter your app vertical.

  • Tap into a database of over 2 billion mobile profiles to identify the most valuable users for your app
  • Reach 98% of mobile app users programmatically in over 500k apps
  • Utilize machine learning to rapidly and accurately bid on users most likely to engage
  • With CPA optimization, increase registrations, subscriptions, bookings or purchases
  • Scale responsibly while staying within your goals

Reach UA Goals with 4 Simple Steps

Once your campaign is properly set up, our machine learning platform starts learning how to best reach your goals. We first optimize for CPI to acquire enough install data, then switch to optimizing for what really matters – post-install events. When CPA goals are met, we focus on scaling your campaign. Liftoff has a simple and efficient four-phased approach to acquiring quality mobile users for your app.

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Target Lookalike Users

Unlike traditional mobile app marketing platforms, Liftoff uses lookalike modeling to identify users with a strong likelihood of engaging in high-value events inside your app.

Our machine learning technology:

  • Analyzes the patterns of your most active users
  • Creates lookalike profiles of these most active users
  • Finds and targets users across 500k apps that are most likely to engage with your app
  • Learns to avoid targeting users that are unlikely to convert

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Save Time with Ads Built In-House

  • The Liftoff Creative team will design and produce your ads for you, for free
  • Utilize all ad formats including native, interstitial, animated, playables and video ads
  • Benefit from continuous A/B testing that delivers industry-best impression-to-install rates
  • Customize ads using demographics, user behavior, OS, location and more

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Enhance User Acquisition with Mobile Re-Engagement

Re-engage your users to drive incremental growth of your app.

  • Convert Installs into Engaged Users
    Acquire more quality users who engage in-app
  • Reduce User Acquisition Costs
    Retarget new installs to decrease UA costs by up to 70%
  • Create Loyalty
    Retarget users, keeping them coming back to your app
  • Stay Top of Mind
    Keep users informed of new features, prices, deals, and promotions to keep them engaged

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