Marketing Gaming Apps in Latin America and Beyond

By Ruoji Tang | January 10, 2023

Gaming is one of the most popular mobile app genres worldwide, but marketing games in Latin America come with its own set of challenges. App marketers new to the region may not be aware of the unique requirements and qualities of the market. 

In 2020, we invited some of Latin America’s top mobile marketers to join us for a webinar on marketing in Latin America (Latam). Our panel included Mobile Hero Etienne de Guébriant, Marketing & UA Director at Gazeus Games; Eduardo London, Product Manager, and Growth at Wildlife Studios; Martín Mérola, Head of User Acquisition at Etermax.

During the webinar, the trio shared tips on global UA management, what makes Latam different, and insights into how marketers can succeed in the region. You can access the full transcript and a video of the webinar below. But if you’re short on time, here are three highlights to take away:

1. Proactively research your marketing partners

 Regardless of region, your first step as a marketer should be to find trusted partners. Etienne says, “If you’re just starting to look for new channels, reach out to people, and you’ll be amazed at what you find.” Be it CEOs, CMOs, or other marketer leaders, “they are happy to answer and to give an honest response.” But it’s not enough to just rely on partners. Always talk to other UA managers and get their thoughts about a certain partner or a new channel.

2. There’s great potential in the region

As one of the largest single markets in the entire world, Latam represents an excellent opportunity for marketers. As Etienne observes, “It’s insane the number of people purchasing on mobile—not only mobile games but also in e-commerce and other categories.” But as you embrace the market, bear in mind the costs. Eduardo London points out that the quality of users can be “lower” in terms of value even though “it’s actually cheaper.” The quality of the user has to be factored into performance analysis. It’s deceiving just to make apples-to-apples comparisons with other markets.

3. Remember—It’s not just one country

Martín succinctly explains that it would be a mistake to treat each country in Latam the same. “Even if the culture and ecosystem is more similar from country to country than compared to the US, there are major differences between each country.” Research each country, and tailor your approach to maximize returns.

For more tips on marketing your app in the LATAM region, watch the webinar here.

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