Liftoff UA Campaign Increases Purchase Related Events 151% for Me2Zen’s Classic Vegas

Social casino & card game developer increased app installs 98%

The ChallengeMe2Zen, headquartered in Hong Kong, contacted Liftoff to run a user acquisition campaign for their social-casino title Classic Vegas on iOS in the United States. Their overall goal was to drive revenue through quality installs by tracking in-app purchases while hitting specific Day-7 and Day-30 ROAS targets.

The SolutionMe2Zen sent postbacks to Liftoff from Adjust, a leading mobile app tracking & attribution analytics platform. Postback data included the most relevant events for tracking the success of the campaign: Install > Registration > Level Completions > Purchase Events.

We also worked with Me2Zen to conduct numerous creative and copy A/B tests. With a variety of ad campaigns across different apps running with Liftoff, Me2Zen wanted to spend extra time and effort on creative testing for the Classic Vegas campaign. Various creatives were tested across banner, interstitial and native ads, including video and animations.

Once the campaign setup was complete, Liftoff started bidding on ad exchanges with the goal of increasing in-app purchases. Our Liftoff machine learning (ML) platform optimized bids based on lookalike audiences that had a higher likelihood to convert via in-app purchases.

Liftoff is one of our key partners, their support is always prompt and effective, and they value our needs as priorities. Their ML algorithms help us scale volume while targeting our KPI goals. They often share insights regarding our products which we’ve learned a lot from. Sisi Ji, Marketing Manager, Me2Zen

The Results

The Me2Zen user acquisition campaign for Classic Vegas on iOS in the United States was a success within the first six months of launching the campaign. Once enough data was collected, the Liftoff ML platform identified and targeted users most likely to convert, increasing installs and in-app purchases.

With heavy investment on creative A/B tests for this campaign, much of the campaign’s success can be attributed to test iterations. For example, many banner tests yielded interesting findings. In one case, Liftoff tested animations of raining coins vs a more basic slot reel movement. Users favored the standard reel movement over raining coins, resulting in a 36% boost in clicks.

In another revealing interstitial test, we ran a standard reel and raining coins animation against a playable prompting the user to click a “SPIN” button. The playable ad performed 93% better than the animation. With the image heavy, eye appealing nature of casino games, there are so many variables that can be tested. In a video test, we pitted an ad with lots of movement including raining coins, zooming in on the slot machine, and animated text against a simple raining coin version. Interestingly, the less exciting, simple raining coin version outperformed the other ad by 157%.

While increasing installs and events related to in-app purchases, the campaign’s ROAS goals were met. With many rich variables to test and explore and strong collaboration with the Me2Zen team, huge gains were made by testing so many ad creatives. Other measures of success for the campaign include:

  • Events related to purchases increased 151%
  • Installs increased 98%
  • Click-throughs increased 12.3%
  • ITA increased 26.8%

With ad creative testing being a large factor in the success of this campaign, we were able to scale and increase the average daily spend within the first six months of the campaign going live. This coupled with Liftoff’s powerful ML platform with highly optimized targeting concluded in a very successful iOS ad campaign.


Me2Zen is a world leading social casino & card game developer and operator, headquartered in Hong Kong, with R&D in Beijing employing over 80 people.

  • Founded in 2016
  • Hong Kong