Bagelcode Finds Opportunities in Windows That Has 150% Higher ROAS Than iOS

Bagelcode was established in 2012 in the heart of Seoul by a team of passionate industry veterans, all with deep experience in creating games for all leading platforms. With studios in Seoul, London, Tel Aviv, and Dnipro, Bagelcode has over 40 million users in more than 200 countries.

The Challenge

Bagelcode wanted to expand their gaming platform beyond iOS and Android and find one which has similar user quality. The Windows platform seemed promising but there were hurdles to grasp platform information, market size, user quality, and ad monetization availability.

The Solution

Vungle worked with Bagelcode to create UA and monetization strategies for Club Vegas’ success in Windows:

1. To ensure a stable beginning of the campaign in Windows, Vungle provided creatives including Interactive and Playable endcards. The result was that Club Vegas had 2x higher conversion rates than competitors in the same category.

2. Vungle managed and optimized major publishers with multi-bidder and PMP campaigns for the ROAS increase of Club Vegas.

3. Vungle supported Bagelcode to get Windows Appstore featured 3 times since they launched Club Vegas by leveraging their relationship with Microsoft.

4. Vungle provided support to build a hotline with Bagelcode and Microsoft for app promotions and tech support which contained iOS/Android-based Unity apps to convert to Windows.


Through the partnership and collaboration between Vungle and Microsoft, Bagelcode has achieved:

  • The Club Vegas Windows campaign has recorded more than 150% higher D7 ROAS than iOS, while D30 and D90 ROAS and retention are also 200% higher than iOS.
  • Based on the performance of the US Windows campaign since February 2020, Bagelcode has teamed up with Vungle for geo expansion to 7 countries including the UK, Canada, and Australia.

“With Vungle’s very supportive and cooperative managers, we have successfully launched both UA campaigns and ad monetization on Windows’ platform. We have received high-quality users through the UA campaigns and have seen high-revenue lift on ad monetization, which was a lot more than we expected.”

Marie Kim
UA Team Lead, Bagelcode