Acorns acquires more active investors with Liftoff

Liftoff delivers high quality mobile users to Acorns’ investment app

The ChallengeAcorns, the leading mobile investing app, teamed up with Liftoff and adjust to help acquire high quality registrations and active investors across RTB exchanges.

The SolutionPrior to launching the campaign, Acorns first implemented the adjust attribution tracking and analytics system, tagging relevant in-app events to pass to Liftoff. Liftoff then built lookalike profiles of Acorns most active investors on Android, identifying key demographics, behavioral characteristics and related apps installed. We then developed ad creatives including native ads, interstitials and banners. Working with adjust, post-install events were tracked to ensure accurate attribution of registrations and active investor accounts.

Liftoff is one of our best partners at meeting our performance goals and delivering active, quality mobile users. Sami Khan · Senior Director of Marketing, Acorns

During the initial testing period, Liftoff performed extensive A/B testing of ad creative, optimizing for lower CPIs, lower cost per registration, and higher install-to-registration rates. Targeting and bidding were optimized automatically with Liftoff’s machine learning system. Upon reaching Acorns’ target cost per install (CPI), Acorns increased daily ad spend by 5x, while Liftoff focused on scaling the campaign while reducing the cost per registration.

ConclusionEarly in the campaign, Liftoff delivered app installs that consistently hit Acorns’ CPI goal, while significantly reducing the cost per registration. Liftoff delivered more than 81 million highly targeted ad impressions, improving user engagement across the entire in-app funnel with the following results:

  • Reduced cost per registration by 31.3%
  • Increased install-to-registration rate by 36.5%
  • Increased click-to-install rate 2.4x

With success in acquiring high quality users on Android, supported by a low churn rate, Acorns expanded their user acquisition efforts with Liftoff to include iOS, while increasing the overall spend.


Acorns is a financial service helping users invest their money since 2012. Headquartered in Newport Beach, CA, Acorns enables users to invest early, invest often, and feel secure about their financial future.

  • Founded in 2012
  • Acorns is based in Newport Beach, CA