Performance of Limit Ad Tracking traffic, aka non-IDFA, on iOS

By Dennis Mink | March 16, 2021

Last June, upon Apple announcing the pending release of privacy features that would significantly limit access to IDFA on iOS for advertising purposes, Liftoff took the step of buying large amounts of non-personalized “Limit Ad Tracking” (LAT) traffic on behalf of our customers. Our goal was to understand how well non-personalized traffic performed against down-funnel metrics including CPI, CPA and ROAS. The results were very good, leading us to spend larger and larger amounts against this IDFA-less traffic.

For those not familiar, iOS users have the ability to disable viewing of personalized ads, aka limit ad tracking, on their phone via the Settings app, which essentially hides their device ID (IDFA) from advertisers. The result is, even prior to the release of iOS 14.5 and the App Tracking Transparency framework, there are already a large number of iOS users not sharing their device ID with advertisers.

Below are a series of case studies we published examining performance of non-personalized, non-IDFA LAT traffic on iOS.


MyTona Achieved 17% Increase in Day 14 ROAS with Non-Personalized traffic


22% Lower CPAs When Yubo Ran Non-Personalized Ad Campaigns with Liftoff


With Non-Personalized Traffic, ROAS Increased by 3%


CMPs Decreased 62.6% When IMVU Ran Non-Personalized Ad Campaign


Playrix runs Limited Ad Tracking UA Campaign with Liftoff, CPAs decrease