John Kelly

Liftoff Employee Spotlight: John Kelly, Recruiter

By Nathalie Figueroa | February 19, 2020

John Kelly will celebrate two years with the Liftoff Recruiting team this upcoming March. When John is not busy recruiting new talent, you can find him exploring local breweries or increasing his heart rate by enjoying a run.

How did you decide on recruiting as your career? 
In my previous career I was asked to represent the company I worked for at a career fair. As an employee who was not already part of the recruiting team, I found myself excited about the opportunity to get future college graduates interested in the possibility of working at my company. That is when I first realized recruiting could be the career change I was looking for. 

What are some key traits that help you be successful in your role?
My ability to think quickly on my feet allows me to follow cues that a candidate is giving, helping me make interview calls seem more conversational instead of transactional. I work hard to ensure I project honesty and transparency with candidates in order to build immediate trust. 

How did you hear about Liftoff?
I learned about Liftoff when the VP of People Ops reached out to me and spoke about an open technical sourcer role. I immediately realized the open role had the opportunity to make a great impact in a growing company which was very intriguing. It was exactly the opportunity I was looking for.

What is your biggest accomplishment at Liftoff?
My greatest accomplishment at Liftoff is sourcing and hiring first-time roles within the company. This ties in with working at a company that allows you to make an impact—you get to see first-hand how hiring for these roles enables the company to succeed in the future. 

What do you like most about the Liftoff culture? 
What’s great about working at Liftoff is the open collaboration. I  appreciate the ability to tap anyone for questions and always get a helpful response. Everyone’s willingness to help is shown on a daily basis. 

What can new Recruiting Team members expect?
The Recruiting team, within the People Ops team, is a very collaborative department within Liftoff. Work is fast paced and challenging, but also rewarding. Also, expect to celebrate all the wins, in and out of the office.

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