Introducing Dynamic Ads: Personalized Mobile Ads that Simply Convert Better

By Dennis Mink | June 16, 2016

Today is a important milestone for Liftoff as we officially launch Dynamic Ads for mobile – highly personalized mobile ads that deliver a huge performance boost to app install and mobile retargeting campaigns.

While much of mobile advertising has gone programmatic – the bidding, buying and targeting – designing and testing ad creative as a whole remains untouched by programmatic technology. For mobile marketers, designing ads remains a laborious, resource intensive process, far outside the purview of programmatic or any form of technology automation, and often producing mixed results.

At the same time, marketers have been limited in their ability to produce more personalized mobile ads customized to the individual, missing out on the performance gains that come from more personalized ad creative. And given the heavy saturation in the app market, combined with app fatigue amongst consumers, delivering a better quality mobile ad experience can have a sizable impact on acquiring new app installs that actually convert into more engaged users.

In developing Dynamic Ads, we set out to develop a creative technology solution that could several things really well:

  • Automatically build and test hundreds of personalized ad variations with no human intervention
  • Assemble ads with the highest likelihood of driving a post-install conversion, utilizing Liftoff’s machine learning platform
  • Reduce the CPI and CPA across both user acquisition and retargeting campaigns
  • Reduce the time our customers spend designing and iterating on mobile ad creative
  • Work across all app categories with a special focus on dating, entertainment, finance and shopping


The project started more than 1 year ago with real world testing sometime after. We have since deployed Dynamic Ads across many different app categories for companies like FanDuel, Ibotta,, PuzzleSocial, SeatGeek and many more. The performance and customer feedback has been tremendous.

  • Ibotta, a top shopping app, saw their impression-to-purchase rate increase by a whopping 540%
  • install rates increased 164%
  • Daily Celebrity Crossword puzzle saw app engagement increase by 340% amongst users acquired with Dynamic Ads. Plus, they are saving 10+ hours a week designing  ad creative
  • Similarly, Fanduel is saving 8+ hours a week designing mobile ads

If you would like to learn more, join our webinar on Dynamic Ads or contact us for a demo.