Mobile Heroes Awards Show


You are cordially invited to attend the first ever Mobile Heroes Awards Show. There are 23 nominees but only 10 winners will go home with the Mobile Heroes Shield. Join us to find out whose blog was the Most Read, which Mobile Hero is the Best Dressed, and who was voted the Most Lovable Hero of them all.

Most Photogenic: Annica Lin, Assaf Shalev, Paula Neves

Most Listened-to Podcast: Giulia Porter, Mikhail Biteryakov, Misha Syrotiuk

Best Comic Book Hero: Harry Bienenstock, Helene Thompeter, Sergey Grytsuk 

Most Read Blog: Andreas Naumann, Brad Puder, Lomit Patel

Most Networked: Haydon Young, James Peng, Vishal Korlipara

Most Lovable: Harry Bienenstock, Kevin Hsu, Misha Syrotiuk

Most Prolific: Cassie Chernin, Lomit Patel, Thomas Hopkins

Best Dressed: Assaf Shalev, Marco Esposito, Margarita Vasilevskaya

Most Viewed: Annica Lin, James Peng, Margarita Vasilevskaya

Best All-Around: Drew Frost, Matt Sadofsky, Shamanth Rao