Animation: What Liftoff Does

In one minute, this is what Liftoff does.

So, you’re trying to market a mobile app
And grow your user base through in-app advertising
What you don’t need are a million installs that don’t convert
What you need are users who actively engage in your app
This is where Liftoff can help.
Liftoff is your one-stop shop to programmatic user acquisition and re-engagement
We have access to over 3 billion users
across 1 million apps
in over 100 countries
We use: unbiased machine learning to help you find all the best users for your app;
Creative tech to deliver the most engaging ad experience;
And a unique cost per revenue model to optimize for your user lifetime value goals
All to help you grow a high-quality app user base
Liftoff is everything you need for global app growth
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