Huuuge Games – Misha Syrotiuk

App marketing powered by ML and AI allows app marketers to identify the events, audiences and ad creatives that can take their campaigns to the next level. Google and Facebook may have been the pioneers, but their dominance is challenged by managed DSPs (demand-side platforms) that are fighting smart with approaches that harness algorithms and AI to help app marketers make better buys and achieve higher returns.

How can app marketers teach and train the algorithms to get the best results? Our host Peggy Anne Salz catches up with Misha Syrotiuk, Head of Ad Networks and Programmatic Buying at Huuuge Games, a leader in the social casino games market, to provide a crash course in DSPs (what they are and what they offer) and some tips on how to train DSP “black-box” algorithms to help you net high-value users and payers. Misha, also shares a checklist of what to look for (and avoid) when choosing the right DSP for your growth campaigns.