This QSR Reduced CPAs
by 68% in a Single Quarter

Install costs dropped 74% as users downloaded to dine

In the first of our ‘white label’ case studies, we analyze the results of a highly-successful acquisition campaign run by a popular QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) with Liftoff.

It is not difficult for QSR apps to attract users. After all, who doesn’t like tacos, or pizza? But for many QSR apps, installs don’t always lead to revenue. In fact, brand marketers and agencies face a single, pressing challenge: finding and converting quality users who will place a mobile order time and time again.

But that’s not the only modern challenge these marketers face. 2020 raised two new ones: COVID-19, which accelerated demand for mobile food delivery services, and iOS 14.5, which threatens to upset user growth by fundamentally altering mobile advertising on iOS.

For apps of all kinds, Liftoff is uniquely positioned to tackle these issues. In this case study we break down a campaign run with one of our largest food app partners to illustrate what working with Liftoff can do to help find the best users at scale in 2021 and beyond.

Campaign SetupThe app in question advertises in three major markets, but they wanted to target U.S. users on Android and iOS devices for this campaign.

Cost per Acquisition (CPA) was their key metric: the delivery app was looking to lower the cost to acquire users who complete their first mobile order. This brand also wanted to make sure campaigns would perform well after the release of the privacy-centric iOS 14.5.

Liftoff’s strategy was to bid on LAT traffic, which does not utilize IDFA. Instead, LAT traffic targets users who have ‘Limit ad tracking’ settings switched on. By bidding across this set of users, marketers who use Liftoff can reach an audience that is inexpensive to acquire, while receptive to advertising. In another case study, Yubo was able to decrease CPAs by 22%.

The delivery app was interested in Liftoff’s proposition and was quick to test out non-IDFA traffic in preparation for the pending iOS 14.5 update. After onboarding with Liftoff, the team began to manage and monitor their campaigns on our platform.

No-IDFA Campaign Results

Liftoff provided efficient, brand-safe installs that also yielded strong LTV. In terms of campaign results:

  • Between July – September 2020, app CPAs dropped by 68% MoM.
  • CPIs fell dramatically, by as much as 74%.

Following the successful campaign, Liftoff became the company’s go-to partner for mobile programmatic campaigns. Today, the food delivery app is running effective evergreen UA and brand-oriented promotional campaigns in multiple markets.