Luni Apps tops the charts with Fitness Coach

Liftoff Influence drives
fitness Coach to #1 app store’s Health & Fitness category


Luni Apps – a developer of creativity, wellness, and productivity apps – is the largest French app publisher in the App Store. With quality content, design, and marketing strategy they have become a major player in the mobile world. Here at Liftoff Influence, we’ve delivered well over 1M installs for their breakout hit ‘Fitness Coach’, helping them reach #1 in the Health & Fitness category.

Picking the Right Influencers

One of the biggest questions in influencer marketing is- which influencers? Marketers can spend days or weeks sifting through thousands of influencer profiles, looking for the perfect partners. When first starting, Luni wondered, “how are we going to sort through all of Liftoff Influence’s influencers and pick the right ones for our campaign?”

The short answer is: with Liftoff Influence, you don’t have to pick. Instead, the influencers choose you.

Liftoff Influence is a self-serve performance network for influencers. That means influencers get to pick which campaign they run, and only get paid for the installs they deliver. For Luni, this means they don’t have to worry about picking the wrong influencer and not getting any installs. Influencers that are the best fit for a campaign are more likely to pick it and deliver volume. So, the incentives are aligned between advertiser & influencer 🤜 🤛

Liftoff Influence also allows advertisers to optimize towards a downstream goal. For Luni, this was a cost per subscription. Luni forwards this data to Liftoff Influence via their mobile measurement partner, AppsFlyer. With this data, Liftoff Influence can adjust the pay-per-install dynamically for each influencer. So, bids are automatically reduced for influencers who don’t deliver a good cost per subscription. This allowed Luni to profitably scale their campaign across over 2000+ influencers. No more worrying about selecting the perfect match!

Finding the Right Ads

As an experienced performance marketing team, Luni Labs had plenty of ads for their traditional social campaigns. However, traditional ad styles are not always the right content for influencers. Simply put- ads that are native and authentic perform much better.

That said, getting high-quality user-generated content is often a huge pain point. In traditional models, you find an influencer, give them a script, and pay them upfront for developing content. The problem is: influencers have little incentive to make ads that actually work.

With Liftoff Influence, Luni opened up their campaign for influencer submitted media. Because Liftoff Influence influencers also get paid per-install, they have an incentive to make great ads! Different types of influencers made ads authentic to themselves. Meme accounts made funny memes, dancers danced, and comedians made funny skits–all about Fitness Coach. More important, influencers made these ads to drive conversions!

To date over 500 pieces of custom ad content have been created for Luni’s Liftoff Influence campaign. With many more new ads coming in (free of charge!) each day.

“The content is exactly what we’re looking for. It’s Captivating, interactive, and most importantly native to the Influencers. Influencer content now plays a huge role in our inbound marketing materials, thanks to Liftoff Influence.”

Romain Delhomme
Head of ZGA, Luni Apps