Mobile Marketing Musings with Nick Quan

By Nick Quan | May 1, 2017

Nick Quan is a Senior Performance Marketing Manager at Twitter, focused on acquiring new users through paid mobile channels. He was previously at EA, where he managed the mobile user acquisition efforts for mobile titles like Madden, FIFA, and Iron Force. Nick also worked at Inmobi, helping top gaming and non-gaming advertisers acquire and re-engage users across the mobile ad networks’ publisher base. Nick joins us with 6 years of mobile marketing experience, with expertise on both the publisher and advertiser sides of the business.


Metrics is the backbone of mobile marketing. Optimizing metrics, whether it be CPI or engagement, has evolved the mobile marketing industry into a performance driven machine. Early marketers and ad partners found a way to track everything about the user before and after interacting with mobile ads. With this much data available, why would you ever run a digital marketing campaign that isn’t tracked against a measurable goal? Answer: you wouldn’t. Keep metrics top of mind for all your campaigns and ensure you can tie the performance of all your mobile campaigns back to these metric goals.


Creatives are immensely important to the success of your campaigns. It is the first thing your audience interacts with and needs to capture enough of their attention but keep them wanting more. This is your chance to let users know how your product can fit their need. The right creatives coupled with audience targeting ensures relevance and, with the right message, can add value to the lives of your users. You don’t want your creative to be annoying, but helpful instead.

Optimizing your creative and effectively increasing your eCPM with publishers is a great way to scale your campaigns without increasing bids. Running A/B tests and isolating creative iterations will help you build a playbook for what key attributes are needed to compose successful creatives.

Learn more about Nick from his Mobile Heroes profile.


I’m a big fan of testing new opportunities presented to me by my ad partners, which may include new ad formats or publishers. With every opportunity that arises, I first think about the user’s experience. Does this make sense for my audience? Could this bring in high quality users? If an opportunity incentivizes the user to do something, think about how this will impact the user’s experience and engagement with your product.


To future and up and coming digital marketers: building a strong relationship with your ad partners will help you in the long run in regards to testing beta products and them wanting to help you succeed. We work in a fast-paced industry and it’s easy to forget about how much work your ad partners put in to help you hit your marketing goals, but don’t forget this. You’re only as strong as the ad partners you work with which enable you to make the decisions you do. Create a strong network of marketing peers and think about your marketing campaigns from the perspectives of all parties involved (ad partner, audience, analytics, creative) and you’ll be successful.