Liftoff’s Vungle Exchange Announces Partnerships for Ad Quality and Brand Safety

Liftoff’s Vungle Exchange Announces Partnerships for Ad Quality and Brand Safety

By Gabby Mark | November 17, 2023

Supply and creative quality are a top priority for Liftoff. Invalid traffic and creative concerns have been an industry-wide challenge impacting advertisers and publishers for years.

Scaling with Liftoff’s Vungle Exchange

Liftoff’s Vungle Exchange connects buyers and sellers by facilitating over five billion programmatic auctions daily. However, with this immense scale comes a critical need to protect our buyers and sellers from unwanted advertising practices. Integrating with both DoubleVerify and The Media Trust this year has enhanced our ability to deliver high-quality ads for our buyers and publishers.

A “double-verified” approach for maximum security

DoubleVerify is a premier industry partner renowned for its cutting-edge invalid traffic (IVT) protection solutions. DoubleVerify provides IVT protection, detection, and reporting for mobile app campaigns across Liftoff’s programmatic exchange with this partnership. This partnership includes DoubleVerify’s pre-bid avoidance segments and post-bid monitoring, further extending quality coverage for the Vungle Exchange’s buyers. In an environment where fraudsters can target traffic, our DoubleVerify partnership protects buyers and preserves brand reputation.

“Advertisers have a growing interest in the quality of in-app inventory they’re investing in,” says Allen Baum, SVP of Platform Sales at DoubleVerify. “We’re thrilled to strengthen our collaboration with Liftoff to boost mobile ad excellence and foster mobile environments free of invalid traffic for marketers.”

Unlocking ad quality excellence: The Media Trust

Low-quality, offensive, and inappropriate ads can be detrimental to user experience and retention. That’s why we’ve partnered with The Media Trust’s industry-leading creative scanning platform. With a mission to empower digital trust and safety, our partnership with The Media Trust enables us to analyze and block creative content that does not meet our quality and content standards through AI-powered detection, including text/object identification and image recognition. Together, we aim to safeguard our consumers’ online experience.

“Protecting the consumer digital journey—across websites, apps, gaming consoles, streaming devices, and more—is imperative in today’s rapidly changing environment,” notes Chris Olson, CEO of The Media Trust. “We’re thrilled to provide Liftoff with our display, video, and in-app quality expertise so they can ensure a trusted and safe online experience for consumers.”

A Continuous quest for excellence

Through these partnerships, we are deepening our commitment to prioritizing brand safety, combating invalid traffic, and ensuring creative authenticity. For any questions you may have on Liftoff’s exchange quality initiatives, please contact your account manager.

For additional questions on the Vungle Exchange’s integration with DoubleVerify and The Media Trust, contact us here.