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Liftoff Recognized in ‘Top 20 Most Secure Mobile Ad Networks’ List

By Morgan Friberg | November 14, 2017

Singular’s Fraud Index Reveals The Mobile Industry’s Most Secure Ad Networks

Marketers have long wondered where their ad dollars are the safest. Singular, a unified SaaS marketing analytics solution connecting attribution data with campaign data in a single platform, has just released a fraud Index which helps answer this question. The 20 ad networks highlighted in the Index are capable of driving both significant volume to marketers while keeping fraud rates well below the industry average.

While previous fraud research has been created by individual fraud prevention solutions, Singular’s study is the first of its kind to examine fraud data from multiple fraud prevention solutions, each with its own set of proprietary anti-fraud methods. The study draws on data from hundreds of the world’s largest apps.

As a source-agnostic platform, Singular has an inside view of the various forms of fraud
plaguing marketers as well as the anti-fraud techniques. Singular’s report reveals the following:

  • Liftoff ranks as one of the 20 most secure app marketing channels
  • Evolving attack patterns and the future of fraud prevention
  • A staggering 63% of marketers do not utilize fraud prevention techniques in their mobile
    marketing systems
  • Nearly 70% of the total fraud prevented each month is attempted via attribution
    manipulation, or fraudsters trying to steal credit for installs from organic and non-organic
  • Currently there isn’t one prevention method that reigns supreme in blocking the majority
    of fraud
  • Evolving attack patterns have rendered certain prevention methods less effective over
    time and exposed new vulnerabilities in existing fraud solutions.

“We are proud to rank in Singular’s Index of the 20 most secure mobile ad networks,” says Mark Ellis, CEO at Liftoff. “Our continued focus on user acquisition that drives post-install conversions uniquely positions us as a fraud-free channel for app marketers.”

Read the Index in full here.