Helping to Improve the World Through Marketing

By Chy Seng | February 16, 2020

Chy started his career in marketing analytics at EA. He later transitioned into mobile user acquisition, helping large consumer brands like WB and Turo run mobile app marketing campaigns. Chy is now helping grow the mobile business at Grammarly, overseeing mobile acquisition for the Grammarly Keyboard apps.

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Something I look for when exploring new career opportunities is how a company impacts the world. Yes, very millennial of me to have aspirations of changing the world with what I do. But that’s something I love about my generation. And although I didn’t pursue a profession that has a direct impact on people at an individual level, I hope to be able to do that with marketing. This is what originally inspired me to join both Turo and Grammarly.

One of the most rewarding aspects of working in the User Acquisition space is having the ability to introduce people to a product or service that can positively impact their lives. That is ultimately one of the main goals of any acquisition expert or marketer; being able to identify and market a product or service to someone that can benefit from it in some way.

At Grammarly, we utilize AI and natural language processing research to help improve lives by improving communication. Our goal is to reach people wherever they write, so our offerings span across desktop, web, and mobile. I actually wasn’t a user of Grammarly before I started working here. Like many others, I didn’t initially feel that I needed a tool to help with my writing. But after giving it a try and learning that Grammarly goes beyond just grammar and spelling corrections, I better understood its ability to not only help me out with how I communicate but also its potential to help billions of others. I became a fan.

At Turo, a car-sharing marketplace that allows individuals to rent out their cars to others, I was helping people earn additional income on an asset that would otherwise only be a cost center — or providing people that need a car, with an alternative option. We heard many stories of car owners who were able to help make ends meet or even pay off their debt by being able to share their car on Turo.

My first role in acquisition marketing was in mobile gaming at WB Games where I helped market some of the most well-known IPs in entertainment. Even with gaming, I saw first hand how it brings a tremendous amount of joy to people’s lives. Personally, I discovered that gaming helps me stay connected with people from all over the world that I don’t get to see very often.

Many of us are marketing products or services that improve lives in some way. Ultimately it is our job to help connect consumers with the products and services they will love to use, and hopefully impact their lives in a positive way. Some of us are helping people learn how to manage their stress and sleep better, others are helping people get access to medical advice when they need it, while others are assisting people to better manage their finances. There are so many other examples. How are you impacting the world through the products you market?