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Out now! The 2021 Finance App Report is Here

By James Haslam | April 14, 2021

Finance apps are having a moment—and the impact is profound. Never have more people in more countries relied on finance apps to manage their lives and plan their future. 

The growing popularity of finance apps, measured in installs, even outranks social networking apps, traditionally the category that leads the pack of must-have apps. It would seem that transaction, not interaction, is becoming a critical human need. It’s a seismic shift that portends massive opportunities for marketers in challenging times.

The 2021 Mobile Finance Apps Report draws from 12 million installs across 188 finance apps to help marketers plan and prioritize tactics in a changing and challenging market. We’ve partnered with app market intelligence provider App Annie for data and metrics to identify key trends, significant behavior patterns, and other factors marketers need to know to reach and convert their target audience.


You can also read the report in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, or Spanish.

Mobile Finance Stat Pack

Our stat pack features the facts that will give an understanding of how mobile finance has changed in the past year before you dive into the report:

  • In the US, digital banking app revenues rose by 17%, and app downloads increased by an impressive 60%. (AppsFlyer
  • More than 45% of consumers surveyed say the coronavirus has “permanently changed” how they do their banking, and 31% intend to use mobile banking and apps more in the future. (FIS
  • In Europe, the coronavirus has driven a massive 72% rise in the use of fintech apps. (Forbes
  • Overall, users spent an average of 7.7 minutes per session in banking and payment apps in 2019. By 2020, that rose to 8.35 minutes, an increase of 8.9%. Activity in investment apps saw massive growth, and average sessions per day rocketed 88% from January to June 2020. (Adjust)

Mobile is the new norm for financial services, and apps are the go-to for advice and assistance every step of the journey. The pressure is on marketers to turn heightened interest into lasting trust. Download the 2021 Finance Report to learn more.