Out now! 2021 Liftoff Casual Gaming Apps Report

By James Haslam | May 25, 2021

Casual games, a genre that offers simple and intuitive gameplay that players of all ages can understand and enjoy, were the main attraction in the rise of gaming over the past year. Casual titles were instrumental in turning non-gamers into gamers. But the future path to profit will be marked by new twists and turns, amping up the pressure on marketers to try new models and embrace new metrics. 

The Liftoff Casual Gaming Apps Report tracks costs, conversions, and ROAS, lifting the lid on critical data to inform winning strategies for the year ahead. It also breaks down data by platform (iOS and Android) and spotlights regions, countries, and seasons marketers can target to get the most for their money. To discover our data and insights, download your free copy of the report.


You can also read the report in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, or Spanish.

Casual Gaming App Stat Pack

Our stat pack gives readers the context behind Casual Gaming dominance in the past year before you dive into the report:

  • Users spent 296 billion hours playing mobile games, a 35% increase on 222 billion hours reported the previous year. Meanwhile, “mobile gaming is on track to surpass $120 billion in consumer spend in 2021 – capturing 1.5x of the market compared to all other platforms combined.” (App Annie
  • In 2020, “casual single-player games remained the most popular genre worldwide,” with casual multi-player games taking second place, followed by first-person shooter titles. (Limelight survey)
  • In India, Casual titles are a hit with Gen Z players, who choose them first, followed by arcade and card games. The lineup is the opposite for Gen X, with Casual titles placing third behind arcade and board games. (InMobi)
  • AR-based Casual gaming that waned after Pokémon Go’s explosion in 2016 is poised to get a welcome boost in 2021. The rise of 5G and Cloud Gaming will power “faster and smoother” gameplay, a massive plus that positions the global AR gaming market to reach $161.1 billion by 2025. (Arm)