2018 ten best list

The 2018 Liftoff “10 Best” List Roundup

By Morgan Friberg | December 4, 2018

Let’s face it, people love lists. “The best of this, the best of that,” these lists magically ooze out of the ether at the end of each year. In an age where yearly roundups are ubiquitous, here is our take on the list-craze phenomenon: The 2018 Liftoff “10 Best” List Roundup.

These lists provide a snappy year in review from content generated almost entirely by Liftoff Mobile Heroes. From a diverse swath of mobile marketing thought leaders in an extensive range of mobile app categories around the globe, each with unique expertise and experiences, the Mobile Heroes shared extremely rich content which resonates well with mobile app marketers.

All lists are backed by hard data.

10 Best Liftoff Blogs

The Mobile Heroes are among the most prolific group of professionals in the industry. When a mobile marketing professional becomes a Mobile Hero, they write a guest blog post, and sometimes even return to share more. Ranked by unique page views of each blog post, here are the 10 most popular blogs published this year.

  1. 10 Tips for Choosing a Mobile Demand-Side Platform: Brad Puder @ Pocket Gems
  2. How to Successfully Scale Up Facebook User Acquisition Campaigns: Lomit Patel @ IMVU
  3. How to Successfully Scale Up Google UAC Campaigns: Lomit Patel @ IMVU
  4. How to Attribute Installs to Influencer Marketing: Mike Phu @ GOAT
  5. Practical Advice in Dealing with Mobile Ad Fraud: Etienne de Guébriant @ Etermax
  6. 7 Tips to Succeed as a Woman in a Male-Dominant Industry: Ira Krachanovskaya @ Badoo
  7. A Day in the Life of a Growth Marketer: Mike Van Kempen @ Acorns
  8. Mobile User Acquisition Marketing: Brand vs Performance: Amanda Carvell @ RetailMeNot
  9. What’s in Your [Growth] Stack? Lomit Patel, IMVU: Lomit Patel @ IMVU
  10. The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Marketing Events in 2018: Nicole Bansal @ Liftoff


10 Best LinkedIn Social Media Posts

We use social media to promote many aspects of Liftoff: Mobile Heroes, news, awards, events, company culture, etc. This top ten list is a great representation of the diverse topics that earned clicks. Note the one thing they all have in common—visually rich images to catch eyes and reap engagement. Ranked by engagement defined as interactions, clicks, followers acquired and impressions, here are the top ten posts of the year.

  1. Liftoff Halloween costumes
  2. Mobile Heroes Seoul event photos
  3. Eve on the Bund, Shanghai post event photos
  4. Inc. Best Places to Work 2018
  5. App Growth Summit SF event photos
  6. Mobile Heroes Tokyo event photos
  7. Ice cream truck at Liftoff HQ (our air conditioner broke!)
  8. Mobile Heroes Summit Andora event photos
  9. Boba & Bingo at Liftoff HQ
  10. Liftoff & MoPub “Cocktails in the Clouds” event in London


10 Best Mobile Hero Profiles

This year, we crossed the 3-year mark of the Mobile Heroes thought leadership program. In total, we have profiled nearly 60 mobile app marketers, publishing 21 new profiles this year alone. Here, we rank the Mobile Heroes by total pageviews of each profile in 2018.

  1. Mike Van Kempen @ Acorns
  2. Stara Gipson & Brad Puder @ Pocket Gems
  3. Ira Krachanovskaya @ Badoo
  4. Thomas Hopkins @ Lyft
  5. Olesya Kuznetsova @ Social Discovery Ventures
  6. Helen Trompeter @ The Weather Company
  7. Lomit Patel @ IMVU
  8. James Peng @ Coinbase
  9. Harry Bienenstock @ Playtika
  10. Etienne de Guébriant @ Etermax


10 Best Mobile Hero Podcasts

With each new Mobile Hero profile released, we include a Mobile Presence podcast hosted by Peggy Anne Salz, lead analyst and founder of MobileGroove. As a mobile analyst, a top 30 Mobile Marketing influencer and a nine-time author, Peggy tracks and documents the trends, companies and innovators shaping how we do business and engage with consumers across the multiple screens, devices and apps that define our daily lives. This list is ranked by unique pageviews of each podcast from the past year.

  1. Nick Quan @ Twitter
  2. Harry Bienstock @ Playtika
  3. Lomit Patel @ IMVU
  4. Ira Krachanovskaya @ Badoo
  5. Thomas Hopkins @ Penn Interactive Ventures
  6. Olesya Kuznetsova @ Social Discovery Ventures
  7. Julia Wu @ American Well
  8. Mike Phu @ GOAT
  9. Amanda Carvell @ RetailMeNot
  10. Stara Gipson & Brad Puder @ Pocket Gems


And that’s a wrap! Do you want your name to appear on our 2019 list? We are looking for our next Mobile Hero! Nominate a friend, colleague or yourself today.