Murka Hits the Jackpot on Windows, Achieving 2X Higher ROAS Than iOS, 3X Higher Than Android

Murka is one of the high rollers in the ultra-competitive social casino game market, reaching five million monthly active users across 190 countries. Born in September 2009 and headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus, Murka now employs over 500 gaming experts among five offices around the world. Murka is the maker behind social casino hits such as Scatter Slots, Infinity Slots, and Slots Era.

The Challenge

The top growth strategy for almost any mobile gaming studio: paid user acquisition of ROI-positive users. And this fact applies to acquiring users on every mobile platform including iOS, Android, and Windows. In 2017, Murka launched their main games on the Windows platform and sought a solution to successfully scale their user acquisition operations.

In specific, the Limassol, Cyprus-based studio aimed to acquire high-retaining Windows users who make in-app purchases at a tremendous scale. Murka sought a platform such as Vungle’s that would achieve this goal quickly and cost-effectively.

The Solution

Considering the positive results from their current relationship with Vungle, Murka made the decision to run Windows user acquisition advertising campaigns through Vungle’s leading mobile ad platform.

After analyzing the needs behind Murka’s goal, Vungle tasked their world-class ad creative division, Vungle Creative Labs, to work with Murka to create compelling and effective ad creatives that would attract quality, ROI-positive users on Windows. Vungle Creative Labs’s team of creative experts went straight to work, concocting an end-to-end ad creative strategy for Murka.

The team created a variety of captivating ads (including playables) and interactive end cards, analyzed the optimal number of ads to be a part of Murka’s ad set, and tracked the performance of over 30 ad creative A/B tests. Ultimately, the Vungle Creative Labs team was able to identify the highest performing combinations of ad creative and end card that drove the most scale.

User acquisition is as much art as science. While Vungle Creative Labs was one part of the solution for Murka, the other was defining a bidding strategy so the studio’s campaigns could reach highly engaged users via a high and stable conversion rate. The Vungle account management team jumped right in, helping Murka find the optimal bid price to reach the studio’s desired publisher supply sources.


The combination of Vungle’s platform with quality users at scale, Vungle Creative Labs’s industry-leading creative optimization technologies, and bidding strategy recommendations from the Vungle team proved to be the ace up the sleeve Murka needed to achieve their goal.

Murka’s Windows ad campaigns achieved 2X higher ROAS than iOS campaigns and 3X higher than Android campaigns. Through over 350 million highly targeted ad impressions in the Vungle platform, the Windows campaigns attracted quality users with improved retention rates and 2X higher user engagement. And lastly, the comprehensive ad creative strategy implemented by Vungle Creative Labs helped Murka increase ad creative conversion by 2X.

“Vungle was the complete package we needed to grow our games on the Windows platform. The combination of their quality users and reach on the Windows platform, creatives from Vungle Creative Labs, and account management support all along the way, resulted in our Windows campaigns generating 2X higher ROAS than iOS and 3X higher ROAS than Android.”

Alina Perova
UA Team Lead, Murka