Liftoff Re-Engagement Campaign Increases In-App Purchases 175% for LuckyFish Games

CPAs decrease 38% within one month for social slots gaming app

The ChallengeLuckyFish Games approached Liftoff to help them run a mobile re-engagement campaign for their popular OMG! Fortune Slots title on Android in the United States. The main focus of the campaign was to increase in-app purchases of those who 1) installed the app, but haven’t purchased, or 2) already purchased, but did not make more purchases.

The SolutionThe LuckyFish Games re-engagement campaign started by getting a solid understanding of the user flow through the app. A clear definition of funnel and postback events is required for proper campaign setup.

Next, required postback data was sent to Liftoff from AppsFlyer, a leading mobile app tracking & attribution analytics platform. Postback data included impressions, clicks, and in-app purchases – essential metrics for measuring the effectiveness of the re-engagement campaign.

Ad creative and copy testing was developed next. Various slot designs were tested across banner, interstitial, and native ad formats, as well as some simple copy A/B tests, continually optimizing for in-app purchases.

Lastly, Liftoff started bidding on all major RTB exchanges with all ad formats. With a goal of increasing post-install purchases, the Liftoff machine learning (ML) platform began optimizing bids based on the likelihood that certain segments would convert.

The Liftoff team is professional and very responsive. They have been proactive to suggest creative improvements & provide overall suggestions to improve our campaign. Nimrod Kozol · Head of Retention, LuckyFish Games.

ConclusionImmediate positive performance results were observed within the first month of the OMG! Fortune Slots Android re-engagement campaign in the USA.

The Liftoff ML platform was quickly able to identify and target users most likely to convert across the major RTB exchanges and mobile ad networks, increasing engagement and in-app purchases.

Creative tests also aided in the success of the re-engagement campaign. A few early wins were gleaned from simple copy A/B tests on banner ads. Even more exciting was learning which slot themes the segments best reacted to. One simple theme test yielded a 59% increase in performance in a static interstitial ad.

One of the largest gains in campaign performance was seen in the impression-to-purchase rate, a valuable metric for measuring retargeting campaigns. Within one month, this rate increased by 45.1%. Other successful results for the LuckyFish re-engagement campaign within the first month include:

  • CPAs decreased by 38%
  • In-app purchases increased 175%
  • Impressions increased 89.6%

With such a success early on with this re-engagement campaign, we expect it will only get better – the longer the campaign runs, the more data the ML platform has to optimize ad bidding on those more likely to convert. Furthermore, within the first month, the average daily spend increased by 70.7% indicating the campaign scaled while decreasing CPAs and meeting the original goals of increasing in-app purchases.

LuckyFish Games develops unique casual casino games for social networks and mobile devices. The social gaming company allows players to enjoy a variety of creative and fun games while experiencing social benefits like sharing or gifting coins, and organizing tournaments. OMG! Fortune Slots was an instant hit when it first appeared as a Facebook app in 2012, with over 14 million users on the social network.

  • Founded in 2012
  • Headquartered in Israel