Global Video Streaming
Service Hits Bold CPA Target

Streaming Entertainment Brand Achieved $7.77 CPIs and Conversion Rates of 69%

The Challenge

A US-based video streaming service with global reach needed to expand its user base of paying customers. While they saw new app installs (and costs) as important, the company’s top priority was efficiently acquiring users who went beyond the free trial to convert to paid memberships.

Knowing that Liftoff specializes in acquiring users who take action beyond the install, the streaming service decided to test our capabilities with a single campaign run on iOS and Android in the US. The marketing team set two targets:

  • Cost Per Install (CPI) to reach under $10
  • Cost Per Action (CPA) for paid members to reach under $65

The Solution

Liftoff primed the company for success by achieving the ideal setup. Our account team ensured that we received unattributed events, installs, and view-through attribution data. We also collected best-performing creative assets to make sure our team had a good starting point for ad creation.

On creative support, Liftoff mixed evergreen content with special-focus content pushes to maximize performance. For example, with every new content release, Liftoff provided support across different formats. We always provided showreels that included the latest shows.

Liftoff also helped the brand navigate SKAN. We did this by advising the agency on setup prior to SKAN. Once we shifted to SKAN, we walked them through the setup stages to make sure everything was mapped correctly.


Since the campaign started in March 2021, we have had healthy results:

  • CPIs average $7.77 on Android and $9.72 on iOS.
  • For CPA, paid membership, we hit $57 on Android.
  • Since launch, Liftoff drove 770 paid memberships out of 1,119 free trials—a rate of 69%.

The campaigns continue to perform well. The brand has continued to scale budgets further in order to drive new paid starts to their platform.