Healthcare App Cashwalk Increases Daily Ad Revenue up to $3K Using Vungle Video Ads

Cashwalk is a healthcare app developed to encourage the easy walking exercises to reduce chronic illnesses. It was launched in 2017 as an app where cash is accumulated by walking. Like most exercise apps, Cashwalk provides users with analytics about their exercise habits; however, Cashwalk encourages people to achieve the goal to walk by providing them with incentives to easily accumulate cash without any effort if they install the app.

The Challenge

Cashwalk wanted to develop a new monetization strategy, one that moved beyond their original banner ad approach. Having never integrated video ads into their monetization, the company also wanted to offer its users’ new incentives — namely, access to gaming Advertising partners.

The Solution

Vungle worked with Cashwalk to create a three-fold monetization strategy:

1. Vungle proposed a mini-game-type placed video ad to play Roulette that would not interfere with the user’s step measurement and cash earnings. The video ad solution was successful, indicated by increased engagement with Cashwalk.

2. Then, by publishing its app on Vungle’s network, Cashwalk immediately had access to a network of advertising partners who wanted to promote their gaming apps to non-gaming partners.

3. Finally, with a strong Android foothold, Vungle provided Cashwalk with the opportunity to expand its reach into the Korean iOS market.


Cashwalk had tried several ad monetization strategies except for video ads. Vungle’s seamless approach to video technology integration resulted in a more balanced solution for app users that also increased their daily ad revenue by up to $3K per day.

By publishing their app on Vungle’s network, Cashwalk had immediate access game Advertisers who were equally interested in finding non-gaming Publishers – a win-win solution for both parties. In addition, Cashwalk increased its reach by 30% after its iOS expansion.

“We needed a renewed monetization model, so we worked closely with Vungle to develop a seamless video approach — a strategy we hadn’t considered. We’ve experienced an increase in revenue and we will definitely continue to collaborate with Vungle.”

SeHeung Oh
Product Manager, Cashwalk