Zenjoy Shares Thoughts on Fast-Paced Mobile Marketing Industry

By Xi Tong | November 13, 2017

My name is Xi Tong and am currently in charge of user acquisition for several casino apps at Zenjoy. Prior to Zenjoy, I was doing mobile user acquisition for a simulation game (SLG) at Elex, as well as some traditional media buying. It was an interesting experience learning the differences between performance marketing and traditional advertising methodologies.


As we are in a data-driven industry, we measure CTR, CVR, eCPM, IR, LTV, etc everyday. However, I think it’s more important to make sure that you really know your apps so you can design a proper strategy to reach the right users and effectively use your data.

For example, we need to check user profiles occasionally because the user structure may change along with the UA campaign running. With a clear mind of user segments, we can make suitable creatives, target the right people, and adjust in time.

What’s more, the goal of user acquisition campaigns are different depending on various product stages. If your goal is to monetize, then retention matters more. If your in-app purchase rate (IAP) is good, you can launch more aggressive campaigns. In addition to audience targeting, we also emphasize on-site targeting to find more quality users that will help improve LTV.

In short, use data to better understand how users are engaging with your app, and use the better understanding of your app to improve what you are measuring.


For creatives, it’s best to always test. Always try something new; new formats, new content, new ad products, etc.

Learn more about Xi from her Mobile Heroes profile.


We are in a fast growing industry. Every year there are new advertising products and new trends, so remaining open to trying something new is important. You can’t be certain where the next growth channel for your UA campaigns comes from. So be open to new channels, new products, and try to learn new channels faster than others.


Mobile marketing is an exciting industry – be open, be fast, be careful, and enjoy :)