What’s in Your [Growth] Stack? Lomit Patel, IMVU

By Lomit Patel | August 22, 2018

Every mobile marketer uses a range of technologies and services to help them market their apps. We catch up with our Mobile Heroes to learn what’s in their mobile marketing growth stack.

What channels do you use for marketing your app?

Our key user acquisition channels are Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Apple Search and Liftoff. We have also tested many different ad networks, but have shut down the majority of those channels due to fraud. We’re always open to testing new quality partners that provide us adequate transparency.

What attribution tools do you use?

We use AppsFlyer as our primary mobile attribution partner and Tableau to get a better view of our users across multiple platforms on mobile and web.

Do you use any tools for app store optimization (ASO)?

IMVU leverages Gummicube and its DATACUBE enterprise ASO software for research and A/B tested keywords live using a Search Ads campaign. This helps to understand initial performance for the IMVU app before committing to each update. The IMVU ASO plan also establishes a process for improving conversion rates in both stores using Google Play Experiments for A/B testing and then translating those key learnings to the app store.

What mobile marketing automation (MMA) tools do you use?

We’re currently using Leanplum for our mobile in-app and push messages as well as A/B testing. We also use an in-house automation tool for emails.

What A/B testing tool do you use, if any?

We use Leanplum for A/B testing user flows on mobile and an in-house A/B tool for user flow on the desktop app. On top of that we do a lot of other A/B testing around creatives using publisher tools and Google Play Experiments for ASO.

What analytics tools do you use?

We use Tableau as our main data analytics built on top of our data warehouse because it gives us a comprehensive view on our users across our mobile and desktop apps.

Do you monetize through ads?

We have integrations in place with a wide breadth of mobile ad partners as well as in-app purchases for monetization.

Do you use any other tools?

We use Appbot for tracking our app user ratings and reviews. This tool makes it easy to track user feedback to help us to continue to improve our app performance and user experience.

Have you developed any tools in-house?

We have built in-house tools for A/B testing and CRM lifecycle marketing for supporting our desktop marketing efforts.

What mobile marketing conferences do you attend?

I love speaking at conferences and that has given me the opportunity to attend many conferences including Mobile Apps Unlocked, Mobile Growth Summit, and App Growth Summit being my favorites. I like going to conferences to network, as well as to share and learn from my peers about the latest trends and best practices.

Do you attend any events or meetups outside of conferences?

I’m more selective and currently try to attend some of the Mobile Growth SF Community events in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What’s in your growth stack? Let us know and we might feature you and your company on this very blog!

Lomit Patel heads up the Growth team at IMVU which is responsible for driving user acquisition, retention and monetization across all platforms. Learn more about Lomit from his Mobile Hero profile