Liftoff Audience Estimator

Product News: Liftoff Audience Estimator for Retargeting

By Andry Supian | September 17, 2019

In an ongoing effort to provide app marketers with tools and services for generating revenue from their apps, today Liftoff is releasing Audience Estimator, a retargeting tool for building audience segments to retarget programmatically. The tool works by identifying and estimating the number of users eligible for retargeting across the exchanges. 

“Audience Estimator is easy to use, with a friendly and intuitive user interface,” says Miika Kangas, Business Analyst at DealDash. “I was able to easily build audience segments of existing app users that we want to re-engage programmatically, adjusting the criteria until we had a sufficient audience segment to retarget.” 

Audience Estimator identifies the number of users Liftoff has seen across exchanges over the last 30 days. This excludes dormant users so that you receive an accurate estimate of your targetable, reachable audience saving you time and money.

How it works

Audience Estimator allows you to define audience segments for retargeting using two methods: 1) use all postbacks (unattributed event data), or 2) upload device ID lists. Audience lists are generated in under 2 minutes. 

After logging into your Liftoff Dashboard, click on “AUDIENCES” to get started. 

  1. Start defining your audience segment by either (1) uploading a Device ID list or, (2) applying event-based rules.
  2. Liftoff will then return an estimate of the audience found across the exchanges who met your criteria and was seen in the last 30 days.
  3. If the audience size is 250,000 users or more, you will be able to run a retargeting campaign against the audience.
Liftoff Audience Estimator

If you prefer to use the event-based ruleset method, build an audience segment by specifying your audience criteria:

Liftoff Audience Estimator

Or if you decide to upload a list of device IDs, simply choose a CSV file with 1 Device ID per line. The IDs are anonymized during processing, and the list is destroyed upon completion. 

Liftoff Audience Estimator

If you are ready to give Audience Estimator a try, get started now by logging in to your Liftoff Dashboard, or contact us to learn more.