iOS 14.5 is coming soon. The post-IDFA alliance is here to help.

By Sofia Leonova | February 17, 2021

Last year, in response to Apple’s announcement of pending changes to IDFA in iOS 14.5, Liftoff took the step of forming the Post-IDFA Alliance, a group of top tier partners representing all sides of the industry including AdColony, Chartboost, Fyber, InMobi, Liftoff, Singular and Vungle. The purpose of the alliance is to work together to educate and support the industry through a successful transition to a post-IDFA, privacy-centric mobile advertising environment. 

Today we are pleased to launch, a resource filled with insightful and instructive blogs (we hope), videos and webinars to assist marketers and app publishers through the transition. Over the next few months, every week we will release new insights, best practices, case studies, events and more, on successfully marketing and monetizing apps on iOS 14.5 and beyond. We hope you find this resource useful.

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