Supercharge Your Mobile Marketing Skills at the NEW Mobile Heroes Power Hour

By Judy Connolly | August 20, 2020

Between COVID-19, the upcoming release of Apple iOS 14, and the lack of in-person events, marketers are in need of connection, networking, and knowledge-sharing now more than ever.

With this in mind, Liftoff is kicking off a new series of online events called the Mobile Heroes Power Hour. Limited to 15 to 20 marketers, each Power Hour is a 60-minute deep-dive on a single topic, led by an expert marketer. The workshops are designed to be interactive and insightful, with moderators kicking off each Power Hour by sharing their best practices and personal industry experience before the group dives into an open discussion and Q&A.

The Mobile Heroes Power Hour will be moderated by some of the industry’s top thought-leaders, covering a range of topics from creative best practices to navigating the upcoming iOS 14 changes. All app marketers are welcome to join but space is limited to 20 marketers max so sign up now to avoid disappointment!


How to Adapt your App Marketing Campaigns for iOS14

Hosted by: Shamanth Rao, Founder & CEO at Rocketship HQ

With 15+ years of experience in mobile marketing, Shamanth has driven UA at top app publishers including 3 successful exits at Bash Gaming (acquired by GSN Games for $170M), PuzzleSocial (Zynga), and FreshPlanet (Gameloft). In this watershed moment for the mobile industry, there is nobody better suited to help lead marketers through the uncertainty of iOS 14. Shamanth will lean on his deep mobile experience to prepare marketers on how the SKAdNetwork will work, changes in ROAS measurement & targeting, and predictions for key metrics like cost & conversions.

Thursday, August 27 – 11am Berlin and 10am California (hosted twice)

How to Combat Mobile Ad Fraud While Scaling User Growth

Hosted by: Kate Palmer, Director of Growth at Stash

Kate’s mobile strategy at Stash has blocked 180K suspicious downloads in real-time and clawed back ad spend on an additional 90K fraudulent installs in just the first half of 2020. Join her to learn how to increase users for your app while consistently reducing costs, and successfully advocating for refunds on fraudulent activity.

Thursday, September 3 – 1pm California / 4pm New York

Data-Driven Strategies for Creative Testing & Optimization in Mobile Gaming

Hosted by: Sergey Grytsuk, CMO at ZephyrMobile (formerly at Playrix & Wildlife Studios)

Sergey built the Programmatic Department at Playrix – one of the highest-grossing mobile game developers in the world. While there, he learnt that creative optimization is one of the most important levers of success for all app campaigns. Join us as Sergey shares his insights on building creatives for different ad formats & channels, A/B testing, and creative optimization through data.

Thursday, September 10 – 4pm Berlin / 10am New York

Building a Content Marketing Strategy that Drives Conversions & Higher Customer LTV

Hosted by: Derrick Nguyen, Mobile Hero & formerly at Credit Sesame

As a performance marketer, you may not feel the need to use content marketing as part of your UA strategy. However, content marketing is an efficient way to reach your ideal audience, build awareness for your app, and drive traffic to your App Store pages. The trick is to create content that tells a compelling story, is educational and valuable to your users, and wins the customer’s moment of truth. Join Derrick to learn how he used this strategy to successfully execute content campaigns with LTV metrics that were double that of any other channel, and how you can harness the performance potential of content marketing to drive more conversions and higher LTVs for your UA program.

Wednesday, September 16 at 1pm California / 4pm New York

How to Scale Your Media Buying Outside of the Google & Facebook Duopoly

Hosted by: Misha Syrotiuk, Head of Ad Networks & DSPs at Huuuge Games

In 2020, $98B will be spent on mobile programmatic advertising outside of Google & Facebook. Misha manages programmatic spend at a massive scale for Huuuge Games and has tested over 100 media partners to date. Join him as he discusses the limitations of the advertising duopoly, and why you need to look at the entire mobile ad ecosystem to allocate your budget accordingly if you want your mobile ad campaigns to run successfully and boost ROI.

Wednesday, September 23 – 3pm Berlin / 9am New York

How I Built an Army of Mobile Game Players with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the hottest new channel but not every mobile gaming campaign gets the required results. In our latest Power Hour, Claire Rozain from Product Madness will reveal how she successfully leveraged influencers and creative iteration to drive performance for their games. Claire is joined by special guest Timothy Armoo, CEO of Fanbytes, the leading agency for influencer content in gaming. Timothy has helped create high-impact influencer creatives for Product Madness, Ubisoft and King. Come learn how to build influencer marketing campaigns that resonate with your players, and most importantly, how to track and analyse the results.

Hosted by: Claire Rozain, UA Manager at Product Madness and Timothy Armoo, CEO at Fanbytes

Wednesday, October 7 – 3pm Berlin / 9am New York

My Quick-Start Guide to Winning Big on Podcast Advertising

More than a third of American adults have listened to a podcast in the past month, and 1 in 5 have done so in the past week. That’s an incredible degree of reach for an advertising channel that’s still massively underused by marketers. At PolicyGenius, one of the top podcast advertisers in the U.S., Annica’s team tested ads on a wide range of shows from Crime Junkie to Pod Save America. Join her to learn everything you need to determine if podcast ads are right for your brand and how to get the most from your campaigns.

Hosted by: Annica Lin, Director of Performance Marketing and CRM at Thimble Insurance

Wednesday, October 28 – 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern

My Tried & Tested ASO Tips for Boosting Your App’s Ranking

ASO is a critical part of any app’s marketing strategy, but with over 4 billion apps on the app stores, one of the biggest challenges that marketers continue to face is maximizing their apps’ visibility in oversaturated markets. Natalie Drozd, an experienced marketing manager from dating app, Hily, has tested the theories and identified the best practices that can help you boost your results and increase your organic user acquisition. Join us to learn how important it is to update your app seasonally, track your competitor’s activity, and choose your keywords wisely. And since we’re nearing the time of giving, Natalie will share top tips to prepare your product page for the holiday season!

Hosted by: Natalie Drozd, Marketing Manager at Hily

Wednesday, November 25 – 3pm Berlin / 9am New York

How to Build a Killer Mobile Marketing Tech Stack that is Future Proof

With so many tools at a mobile marketer’s disposal, choosing one can be a challenge – so how do you build the perfect stack with more than a dozen tools that all need to work together? Frequently, marketers pick tools based on their most urgent needs and end up with a bunch of solutions that don’t relate to each other. That’s why getting your marketing tech stack right from the start is key to building a killer infrastructure. Join Christian from Customlytics to learn which tools to integrate into your app to create perfect harmony. He’ll show you what a proper data warehouse process should look like so you can begin unlocking the full potential of your data, improve your campaigns, and make your job a whole lot easier.

Hosted by: Christian Eckhardt, CEO & Co-Founder at Customlytics

Wednesday, April 28 – 3pm Berlin / 9am New York

Check back regularly as we will continue to keep this page updated with new Power Hours dedicated to various topics across verticals and regions.