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Liftoff Ranked #1 Mobile Partner in EMEA and #5 Globally in 2018 Kochava Traffic Index

By Anya Pratskevich | October 23, 2018

Kochava released their 2018 Traffic Index, and Liftoff ranks in the top five mobile partners globally, and #1 in EMEA. The Kochava Traffic Index is the first report from Kochava in which the mobile measurement provider vets mobile media sources that have the most reliable, clean and effective traffic.

In this report, Kochava recognizes Liftoff as a trusted global partner in running high-performance, fraud-free user acquisition campaigns focused on quality and not the volume of installs.

Liftoff Recognized as Top Performer Globally

Kochava ranked Liftoff in the top five traffic sources based on analysis of four performance factors: Signal Clarity (the breadth and reliability of data the network shares with Kochava), Fraud (the percentage of fraudulent traffic), Quality (the number of long-term retained users) and Correlation (the statistical relationship between clicks and conversions).

Recognized for its stellar performance globally, Liftoff ranked #5 overall, #1 in EMEA, #3 in APAC and #4 in India. We scored high across multiple app categories, including #1 in Photo & Video.

Here’s how Liftoff ranked across all categories, platforms and regions:

  • Kochava Traffic Index (Overall) – 5th
  • Kochava Traffic Index (Correlation) – 3rd
  • Kochava Traffic Index by Region (APAC) – 3rd
  • Kochava Traffic Index by Region (EMEA) – 1st
  • Kochava Traffic Index by Region (India) – 4th
  • Kochava Traffic Index by Platform (Android) – 5th
  • Kochava Traffic Index by Category (Food & Drink) – 3rd
  • Kochava Traffic Index by Category (Entertainment) – 4th
  • Kochava Traffic Index by Category (Photo & Video) – 1st
  • Kochava Traffic Index by Category (Social & Communication) – 3rd
  • Kochava Traffic Index by Category (Music) – 3rd

Liftoff Scores “A” for Correlation, a Measure of Traffic Effectiveness

Liftoff received a top score for Correlation, Kochava’s metric revealing the network’s correlation of clicks to installs. Kochava’s methodology is focused on identifying the best sources of traffic based not on volume but on the relationship between ad signal (impressions and clicks) and conversion trends, which, according to Kochava, is a more accurate predictor of ROI.

For this report, Kochava analyzed the performance of mobile media partners that drive at least 50,000 installs per quarter, excluding retargeting traffic and self-attributing networks such as Facebook and Google. These networks were excluded from the general index because they don’t pass the full stream of performance data to third-party MMPs.

The Kochava Index is designed to equally and objectively analyze performance, as networks may not sponsor, reward or influence their position in the ranking.

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