Finding the Best Talent: Thank You to Our Interviewers

By Alyson Lee | June 28, 2019

This month, the Liftoff Recruiting Team hosted an “Interviewer Appreciation Dinner” at our Palo Alto HQ to thank our staff for their contribution in H1’s hiring efforts. We were excited to have 35 Liftoffers across the company attend the dinner, including hiring managers, interviewers, and two of our co-founders, Mark Ellis and Harry Robertson. 

We made the event special by hosting a formal sit-down dinner with a cozy, warm ambiance. Each table setting was accompanied by a special thank you gift: a Liftoff Recruiting mug, candy, stickers, and a “Thank You” note. We made sure to also send this special thank you gift to our interviewing teams in Liftoff’s other offices. 

Yordanos Asmare, our Recruiting Manager, shared a presentation highlighting Liftoff’s successful hiring efforts in H1 and plans for the rest of the year. Co-founders Mark and Harry both offered congratulatory and encouraging words, expressing pride in the pace and quality of our successful team growth. Our interviewing MVPs were also announced for both the technical and commercial hiring teams – these were interviewers who have spent the most amount of hours contributing to our recruiting efforts. 

We wanted to honor Liftoffers who go above and beyond their job responsibilities to help our company find the best talent, in turn continuing to solidify Liftoff as a great place to work. The highlight of the night was having both technical and commercial teams spend time together and feel appreciated for the hours they put into interviewing candidates at Liftoff. In total we have 68 Liftoffers that interview across all of Liftoff’s offices. While most of the teams don’t always work closely with one another, they all share the same goal of contributing to Liftoff’s growth and success!

Cheers to the next appreciation event! 

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