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Achieve Your LTV Goals

LTV Optimize is an industry-first ML solution that directly optimizes user acquisition to achieve LTV goals. Our models ingest your user score data to create campaigns that are uniquely targeted to find new users that drive long term value.

Our models ingest your predicted LTV (pLTV) user scores to create campaigns that are uniquely targeted to find your most valuable new users. By using your pLTV data in a compliant and privacy-friendly way, LTV Optimize lets you target the metric you care most about.

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Acquire the best users with confidence

No one knows your customer as well as you do. Now, you can apply that knowledge programmatically to acquire the kinds of users who are proven to convert on your app. Your user-level pLTV scores tailor optimization toward the unique user base and target your ideal user more accurately.

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A UA solution that aligns with your LTV model

LTV-focused advertisers no longer need to use measurement proxies for UA campaign optimization. With LTV Optimize, the KPI is high lifetime value according to your LTV model, removing the need to choose between traditional CPI, CPA, and ROAS metrics while focusing on your ideal timeframe.

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ML models customized to your pLTV scores

Liftoff’s ML models train on your pLTV scores using your preferred timeframe to customize its targeting strategy toward users who share characteristics attributed to high LTV.

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