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Build a great game and it’ll sell itself. Build a great eCommerce mobile app… get ready for a bumpy ride.

In recent years, the mobile app industry has exploded in both marketing spend and app usage, but support for app marketers across all industries has been far from equal. You can’t fault games for the disproportionate attention they receive, though. Without games, it’s hard to imagine the industry would be anywhere near where it is now. But with the increasing amount of money being spent on marketing other types of apps, the time has come to give marketers of non-gaming apps the support they need to succeed on mobile. (more…)

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What is the value of a first time purchaser in the world of eCommerce? The answer may not be as simple as you think.

According to research by the eCommerce reward platform Sweet Tooth, after making their first purchase, a consumer has a 27% likelihood of returning to make a second purchase. After their second purchase, that loyalty jumps to an astounding 45% likelihood they will make a third. Loyal customers are a retailer’s bread and butter, and smart marketers know that the money spent to bring in a first time purchaser is money well spent.

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Any time Apple changes anything about the App Store, app publishers worry, and they worry most when the changes affect the editorial layout of the App Store and the highly coveted feature positions.

It was no surprise then that app marketing forums started to throw up flags when Apple adjusted the way they handle the launch of new apps earlier this month, and removed Top Apps from the AppStore.

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Digital dating is big business, to the tune of over $2 billion dollars in revenue per year. As the New York Times points out, more and more consumers are using mobile as the primary way to interact with dating services. president Amarnath Thombre went on record saying  that in 2014 the site had a “35% increase in the people who use Match through the app each month, and a 109% increase in the number of people who only use the app to reach Match every month.”

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If you haven’t heard of programmatic ad buying before, then now is the time to listen up. More than anything else, programmatic ad buying has completely altered the way that advertisement is bought and sold, both online and on mobile. There are a lot of reasons that the changes have been so dramatic, some of which I will outline here.

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Mobile App Engagement Index

Today we are excited to announce the release of the Liftoff Mobile App Engagement Index. The index sets CPA benchmarks on a variety of post-install events taken by users acquired via app install ads, including registering, sharing, making a reservation or purchase, and subscribing to a service.

Most mobile app install campaigns are measured on a cost-per-install (CPI) basis. While buying on CPI is convenient for both the advertiser and the supplier, we found that CPI is weakly related to actual ROI of the advertising campaign, and masks the often poor value of acquired users.

To address this knowledge gap in the mobile marketing industry, we analyzed all of our Q4 2014 mobile marketing campaigns to establish benchmarks on both post-install conversion rates and effective cost-per-action for a variety of post-install events. Our analysis is based on 10.9 million app installs and 427 million post-install events across 6 distinct app categories: Dating, eCommerce, Finance, Social, Travel and Utility.



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