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With view-through attribution, mobile advertisers can now measure install and in-app conversions which result from views of their ads with Liftoff. This is available for any Liftoff campaign using Adjust, Appsflyer, Kochava or Tune.

View-through attribution provides greater visibility into the performance of ad campaigns by highlighting how ad views impact installs and in-app conversions, on top of ad clicks. This is especially common with video ads, where ads are more likely to be viewed than clicked on. (more…)

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Savvy mobile marketers know that over 90% of app installs will stop using an app within 30 days. There is no better way to bring those unengaged users back to your abandoned app than with a re-engagement campaign.

Today, Liftoff is officially launching ProductFeed Retargeting – a re-engagement feature specifically benefiting ecommerce and travel apps. The new Product Feed Retargeting helps entice lost shoppers back to an abandoned app and complete actions they started but did not complete. (more…)

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