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Mobile app marketers have a tough job. Not only is it their duty to cut through the crowded marketplace to promote their app, they are also tasked with keeping the users they find. This is especially difficult when you consider that nearly a quarter of mobile consumers delete an app after a single use.

To combat this issue, mobile app marketers are looking towards dynamic advertising solutions through platforms like Liftoff. Dynamic ads allow marketers to generate hundreds of high-performing personalized ads with very little human oversight. This means less work for more effective ads.

Think it’s too good to be true? Keep reading to see how to optimize dynamic advertising campaigns for the best outcomes. (more…)

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Smartphone users love mobile apps. To them, each little icon opens up a world of opportunities. Maybe your app provides them with the organizational tools to keep their busy lives in check. Or maybe your app promises to connect them to that special someone they’ve been waiting for. Whatever the case may be, the goal is to keep this user engaged in your app.

Unfortunately, this is tougher than it sounds. According to TechCrunch, nearly one in four people abandon mobile apps after only one use! What gives?

Below, Liftoff examines this dilemma and provides solutions to keep your users happy and engaged. (more…)

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