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Look, we get it… you have a top secret BI formula for determining customer LTV that uses 16 distinct variable calculations in addition to 11 secret herbs and spices. If partners knew how it was calculated, they’d try to maximize their score rather than getting you the highest quality users. Ending up with truckloads of “high score” installs that are of little value is a nightmare that keeps you up all night.

Relax. We aren’t asking for the formula to your secret sauce, instead just a general idea to what a quality user looks like. You know… the metrics you actually care about, what your best users look like, and of course any more data that you can share with us. (more…)

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Singular’s ROI Index Ranks the Top Mobile Media Sources Utilizing the Industry’s Largest Data Set for Ad Spend and Revenue

Hot on the heels of ranking in the top 20 in Singular’s Most Secure Mobile Ad Networks List, Liftoff has scored again, ranking as a top performing ad channel in the Singular ROI Index, driving the highest quality ROI for mobile marketers on iOS and Android. (more…)

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With view-through attribution, mobile advertisers can now measure install and in-app conversions which result from views of their ads with Liftoff. This is available for any Liftoff campaign using Adjust, Appsflyer, Kochava or Tune.

View-through attribution provides greater visibility into the performance of ad campaigns by highlighting how ad views impact installs and in-app conversions, on top of ad clicks. This is especially common with video ads, where ads are more likely to be viewed than clicked on. (more…)

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