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Over a year has passed and the shockwave from the 2016 election is still running its course through the newsrooms and political parties.

Beyond the well-documented Russian campaign to interfere with this process via social ads and content postings, the regular attacks from the Commander-in-Chief against “mainstream media” reporting “fake news” are making it harder for reporters, media executives and news apps to exist.

As a newcomer in the news space, I came onboard at SmartNews with the mindset that our company mission is to “deliver (…) quality information to the people who need it” a strongly inclusive message. (more…)

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Today is a important milestone for Liftoff as we officially launch Dynamic Ads for mobile – highly personalized mobile ads that deliver a huge performance boost to app install and mobile retargeting campaigns.

While much of mobile advertising has gone programmatic – the bidding, buying and targeting – designing and testing ad creative as a whole remains untouched by programmatic technology. For mobile marketers, designing ads remains a laborious, resource intensive process, far outside the purview of programmatic or any form of technology automation, and often producing mixed results. (more…)

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Every day, consumers are turning to their mobile devices to do their shopping. In 2015, shoppers spent nearly $75 billion shopping on their phones, up from $56.6 billion in 2014. For retailers and eCommerce companies, this shift in buying habits opens up new opportunities to grow revenues.

At Boxed, our focus is on acquiring new shoppers who will install our app, browse our products and make a purchase. In order to continually improve our UA campaigns and acquire more shoppers, we regularly A/B test our ad creative to learn what works best. (more…)

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This guest post, written by Matt Sadofsky from AYI, originally appeared on Mobile Heroes.

As marketers, we have a ton of targeting options at our fingertips when running mobile user acquisition campaigns. At face value, the option to target down to the most minute details seems ideal, but more often than not, getting too niche will limit the performance of your campaign.

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iOS-app-store-iconThree.  That’s how many times a Director of Marketing I know opened her desktop computer during her recent maternity leave. Instead, nearly all of her online activity happened on her mobile phone and tablet.  As a marketer who’s product is almost entirely optimized for a desktop browser, this was a wake up call for her.

As our connected time spent rapidly shifts to mobile, so must we as marketers develop competitive mobile strategies to attract and engage consumers.  With apps making up 86% of time spent within a mobile device, mobile app marketing has already become a critical advertising channel for many verticals.  Growing your app installed and engaged user base is the first step. (more…)

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