Author: Thomas Hopkins

App Launch Scenario

The artists, UI/UX designers, product managers, producers, QA analysts, release managers and engineers have slaved away for the past 6 months to bring the company’s new mobile app to life. The founders and equity holders are excited to see the app in the hands of the masses. The board of directors are anxiously waiting to see the early traction, retention and monetization results. And the investors are wondering what the ROI of their seed round investment is going to bring. What now? (more…)

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Launching a new app can be a stressful time with many unknowns. You need answers for all the different stakeholders involved (brand, product, c-staff, board of directors) let alone for your own sanity to have the confidence that your actions are correct and will bring the most value to the company.

At launch, the task of managing the flood of Slack one-offs, email update requests, drive-by meetings, and stakeholder presentations can feel like a full-time job if you are not prepared. I could do an entire post on “new app launch stakeholder management,” not because I am some genius, but because I have a lot of experience. (more…)

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