Author: Matt Widdoes

Through digital media, we have the ability to hyper-segment and test, with real-time feedback, on what messages work for which audience at what times.

My first Marketing job was with Red Bull, where I stayed for nearly 3 years and learned a ton about branding and positioning. I later moved on to the startup world helping small businesses succeed on the web with a company that was acquired by Intuit.

I’ve worked at a handful of startups since and have acted as an advisor with at least 50 over the last 12 years. My first role in gaming was with a real money fantasy sports startup called ScoreStreak as their Director of Marketing. I later took a role at Zynga managing acquisition across all slots and match-3 titles. I was quickly promoted to a senior, then lead, role overseeing acquisition across all titles.

I’m now the Director of Performance Marketing at King where I’m focused on the strategic direction of the marketing org as it relates to partnerships, ad tech, emerging platforms and digital/traditional media buying.


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