Month: February 2018

Over a year has passed and the shockwave from the 2016 election is still running its course through the newsrooms and political parties.

Beyond the well-documented Russian campaign to interfere with this process via social ads and content postings, the regular attacks from the Commander-in-Chief against “mainstream media” reporting “fake news” are making it harder for reporters, media executives and news apps to exist.

As a newcomer in the news space, I came onboard at SmartNews with the mindset that our company mission is to “deliver (…) quality information to the people who need it” a strongly inclusive message. (more…)

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Singular’s ROI Index Ranks the Top Mobile Media Sources Utilizing the Industry’s Largest Data Set for Ad Spend and Revenue

Hot on the heels of ranking in the top 20 in Singular’s Most Secure Mobile Ad Networks List, Liftoff has scored again, ranking as a top performing ad channel in the Singular ROI Index, driving the highest quality ROI for mobile marketers on iOS and Android. (more…)

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Launching a new app can be a stressful time with many unknowns. You need answers for all the different stakeholders involved (brand, product, c-staff, board of directors) let alone for your own sanity to have the confidence that your actions are correct and will bring the most value to the company.

At launch, the task of managing the flood of Slack one-offs, email update requests, drive-by meetings, and stakeholder presentations can feel like a full-time job if you are not prepared. I could do an entire post on “new app launch stakeholder management,” not because I am some genius, but because I have a lot of experience. (more…)

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[GUEST BLOG] In 2017, we announced the launch of Chloe in Japan, our goal based robo-advisor mobile app. Chloe is the first robo-advisor app in the world that constructs portfolios with exchange traded funds (ETFs) listed at the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). The portfolios are diversified across 50 countries, 37 industries and 4,324 stocks and bonds. The service is available both on iOS and Android and is the first robo-advisor in Japan available entirely on smartphones and tablets.

In tandem with a powerful PR outreach effort, we got to work immediately on setting up a formidable mobile user acquisition campaign to generate traction and to enable our target audience in Japan to take advantage of the new service.

Through that process, we developed a series of best practices which, some through trial and error, were important lessons to learn in marketing a finance app in Japan. (more…)

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Whether users are looking for a flirt, a date, or a lifetime companion, just about everyone seems to have joined the dating apps party. But it’s not all good news. More apps and more users drives more competition, and puts more pressure on app marketers to be smarter about how they acquire, engage and retain large numbers of dating app users.

Download the 2018 Mobile Dating Apps Report for the latest data on user acquisition trends and benchmarks to better equip you to make data-informed decisions, ensuring your app attracts users in today’s quickly changing and highly competitive dating app market. 


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