Month: April 2017

Savvy mobile marketers know that over 90% of app installs will stop using an app within 30 days. There is no better way to bring those unengaged users back to your abandoned app than with a re-engagement campaign.

Today, Liftoff is officially launching ProductFeed Retargeting – a re-engagement feature specifically benefiting ecommerce and travel apps. The new Product Feed Retargeting helps entice lost shoppers back to an abandoned app and complete actions they started but did not complete. (more…)

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colette-nataf-headshot-02Guest Blog: Colette Nataf is the CEO and Co-Founder at Step One Growth. Previously, Colette was a User Acquisition Manager at MileIQ. After the company was acquired by Microsoft, she managed the Demand Generation team at Intercom. Colette, is now helping marketers scale their businesses through Facebook and Google AdWords.


Mobile marketers can learn a lot from tried and true strategies of email marketers. A common tactic is to send onboarding nurture emails to users of a new product or service. The disadvantage which email marketers experience is that there is nearly always a segment of people who don’t open emails, therefore not seeing the information you sent.

On the other hand, people are always going to see your mobile ads. They have to scroll past them on Facebook or watch a video to keep playing a game. 100% of the people who you serve an ad to are going to see it.

Email isn’t enough anymore. We need to start using a coordinated strategy for mobile nurture campaigns – one with a 100% view rate every single day.


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