Month: May 2016

Every day, consumers are turning to their mobile devices to do their shopping. In 2015, shoppers spent nearly $75 billion shopping on their phones, up from $56.6 billion in 2014. For retailers and eCommerce companies, this shift in buying habits opens up new opportunities to grow revenues.

At Boxed, our focus is on acquiring new shoppers who will install our app, browse our products and make a purchase. In order to continually improve our UA campaigns and acquire more shoppers, we regularly A/B test our ad creative to learn what works best. (more…)

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As the Director of Marketing at Smule, I invest a lot of money into user acquisition for our Smule apps. Acquiring new users is an important part of continuing our growth. But to make the most of our investment in user acquisition, we need users who actively engage and spend in the app.

One of our most popular apps is Sing! Karaoke. Sing! is a social entertainment app allowing users to engage in Sing performances with people all over the world. (more…)

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When you think about mobile marketing, does your product team come to mind? For me, constant collaboration with the product team at LifeLock is critical to marketing our app. Regular communication with the product team is beneficial for three big reasons:

  • The marketing team gains a better understanding of our product
  • The product team helps us improve our message and consistency
  • Reviewing performance data helps both teams perform better in the future

You probably do not want to add yet another meeting to your weekly calendar, but if you’re not already meeting regularly with your product team, these are some compelling reasons to start. (more…)

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