Month: February 2015

Apple Pay LogoLast week I read a story on that ApplePay now accounts for 30% of all in-app purchases made in the Staples app, making it their number one in-app payment method on iOS. While so much of the focus on ApplePay is around the potential for it to revolutionize in-store purchases, for app publishers the news coming from Staples is the real story. ApplePay has the potential to dramatically reduce the friction involved in making purchases on mobile.

As anyone who has ever made a purchase on their phone knows – either via an app or a mobile website – the experience remains fundamentally flawed. I’m not talking about making an in-app purchase via iTunes or Google Play. Though this still requires entering a password for any non-iPhone 6 users, entering a password to make a purchase isn’t too painful of an experience. (more…)

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If you haven’t heard of programmatic ad buying before, then now is the time to listen up. More than anything else, programmatic ad buying has completely altered the way that advertisement is bought and sold, both online and on mobile. There are a lot of reasons that the changes have been so dramatic, some of which I will outline here.

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Mobile App Engagement Index

Today we are excited to announce the release of the Liftoff Mobile App Engagement Index. The index sets CPA benchmarks on a variety of post-install events taken by users acquired via app install ads, including registering, sharing, making a reservation or purchase, and subscribing to a service.

Most mobile app install campaigns are measured on a cost-per-install (CPI) basis. While buying on CPI is convenient for both the advertiser and the supplier, we found that CPI is weakly related to actual ROI of the advertising campaign, and masks the often poor value of acquired users.

To address this knowledge gap in the mobile marketing industry, we analyzed all of our Q4 2014 mobile marketing campaigns to establish benchmarks on both post-install conversion rates and effective cost-per-action for a variety of post-install events. Our analysis is based on 10.9 million app installs and 427 million post-install events across 6 distinct app categories: Dating, eCommerce, Finance, Social, Travel and Utility.



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